Thursday, October 16, 2014

Here is Sabrina in the blue jumpsuit, in a wind tunnel that simulates sky diving. You can also see Naomi in pink at the right, waving at the glass.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

da' girls

Amber, Sabrina, Naomi & Camille. Seriously silly.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cox family

Trying to assemble a post about my Cox ancestors. Wish I had some pictures but this was largely before cameras, folks.

Asa Cox and Margaret McDonald Cox were my great-great-great-grandparents. They were one of the first families to move to Alabama and start the community of Fredonia in Chambers county, circa 1830. I have had a hell of a time researching the Cox family as there are a few men out there about the same time with the same name, Asa Cox. Go figure... But my Asa was married to Margaret McDonald, born in 1788 (Georgia?) & died of tb in Alabama about 1857, emphatically.

Parents of my Asa were William Cox and Melinda Madden Cox. William was born in 1755 in Fauquier co, VA and fought in the Revolution. "William Cox was under (General) Shelby at (the battle of) King's Mountain, where he was wounded. He was subsequently a member of the convention that organized the State of Franklin." (from Lineage Book, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1898.)

Parents of William Cox were Abraham Cox and Elizabeth Arthur Cox. According to DAR records, Abraham emigrated from England where he was born in 1735. Abraham was a patriot of the Washington district, Watauga settlement and his name is found on the petition to the Provincial Congress, 1776. The Watauga settlement was the first independent state, until it was annexed by North Carolina. (It is near Elizabethton in Tennessee.) Abraham's will here.

I have just started researching the history of the Watauga Association, Washington District. It is juicy stuff, genealogical gold in my opinion. The first majority rule community in America, that being the state of Franklin, where the first Constitution was written, about 1770. It has also highlighted some curious connections for me. Like the presence of my Cox ancestors and my step-father's Robertson ancestors in the same community. And the presence of another 4-great-grandfather Thomas Trammell at the same battles (his grandson Pulaski married William's granddaughter Frances after they ended up in another rural frontier community together in Alabama). I love these random connections! I have another in my tree, between my parents' ancestors, Dad's Hampton aunts married Mom's Long cousins...but I digress.

So the people in this area were called the "Overmountain Men" because they lived over the Appalachians. There are some great links below for more info. What is also interesting is the treatment of these soldiers in the current media. The battle of Cowpens, also fought by Overmoutain Men was depicted in the film The Patriot, with some artistic license. Billy Ray Cyrus also referred to the Overmountain Men in the "Hillbilly" documentary. Both I will now have to watch again, proudly.


Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mary Alice: take 1

video A trilogy of videos intended to wish great aunt Mary Alice a very happy birthday. We hope you enjoy them! And many more...

Bolduc kids love Gama

#2 in the series of birthday messages for Gama.

Happy Birthday, Mary Alice!

videovideos in honor of Gama, the greatest aunt Mary Alice. we love you!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sabrina's song

videocan't believe I never posted video before. duhhhhh.

Photo glut

Ok, dumping lots of photos here for family viewing. Lots of funny pix of growing baby Naomi, big sister Sabrina, daddy Mike & a few of me, often self-portraits.

kids & such

Mike doesn't look like himself b/c he has an injured neck yet he is holding a baby on it. Silly.

Sabrina getting ready for Shay & Julie's wedding...

more wildies at Y-O

wild on Y-O

wild things at Y-O

Wild things: a notoriously horny ostrich, mama & baby giraffe, Bolducs...

Hunt, Y'all

Pix from the Bolduc family reunion in Hunt, specifically a tour of the Y-O Ranch. It was super hot at 11am, not unlike the face of the Sun.
The one of me & "Naynay" was taken after sweating our way thru the tour in a bouncy, hot, un-air conditioned bus. (Imagine a sweaty baby sleeping on you in 90+ degree weather.) We were very happy to return to the world of a/c. Not that we didn't love the tour. We loved it! Only disappointment was not being licked by a giraffe.
We are standing in front of a board covered with pix of hunters & their prey, some exotic. The animals were arranged to look like they were calmly hanging out with the hunter draping an arm around them (no carnage visible). Seemed like a beer can & caption were the only things missing from the pix. Braaaaap!